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The past eight years we have had hundreds of students completing Year 1, seeing many of those students go on to complete Year 2 and a few even move on to Year 3. The mission of School of Ministers continues to be to, “revive, refine and reach out.” Prayerfully we look for any opportunity to accomplish this mandate. Through prayer and much consideration and reflection, comes the addition of SOM+ to provide further equipping to various believers in any one of a number of life situations.


Who Is This For?

SOM+ is intended for students who fit into one of the following two categories: 1) are former students of School of Ministers 2) are over the age of 30.


What Is The Schedule?

Classes will be from 9am-12pm on Wednesday mornings (together with SOM Year 1 students). This will include a mix of teaching, small group discussion and personal reflection.

Our winter schedule will be “Confident Christianity” and will run January 23, 2019 – February 20, 2019. Classes will include approximately 4 hours of homework and will be taught by Thom Dick with one week taught by Ray Yoder. Here is an overview of the course:

Many approach “apologetics” and defending our faith with either fear or boredom and decide that such approaches are only for really smart people and deep thinkers. Through this course we’ll look at a few challenging questions that both believers & unbelievers wrestle with regularly. Topics will include, “Does Truth Exist,” “Is There a God,” “Which God is It” and “Why I Believe in the Bible.” The goal is to understand the value of apologetics and to grow confidence in our own faith.

Application Process

Those interested in signing up should click on SOM+ Application Form. A confirmation of the application will be sent by email.

A small fee of $30 will be due to cover the cost of printed materials and staff time.


Apply for SOM+

Thank you for your interest in School of Ministers!

Are you ready to embrace this opportunity to develop intimacy with Christ (REVIVE), grow in personal discipline & character (REFINE), and then with God's power and unique calling to minster in the church, this region and beyond (REACH OUT)? Is God calling you to our eighth year of School of Ministers?

To begin the application process, please read through the Information Package before you begin filling our the Application Form. The Information Package will help you get a bigger glimpse of School of Ministers and includes cost, schedule, requirements, covenant and more.