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Potential Content

We provide this list of potential content so that prospective students are aware of what may be covered in School of Ministers. Of course, we reserve the right to make adjustments – add, delete or adapt specific “courses.” Further, the student must remember that the structure of School of Ministers includes far more than the traditional lecture style of post-secondary education. Potential courses and topics to be covered:

A. Studying and Understanding the Scriptures

Whether called to full-time ministry or not, every serious follower of Christ needs to be passionate and knowledgeable about the Scriptures. Why then are we often so weak in our pursuit of knowledge and a hunger for God’s Word? Two of the primary factors include being intimidated by what, at times, seems to be confusing or boring and second is a lack of motivation.  It is our hope that what students cover in this course will challenge these factors AND so much more. Specific areas worked through are: 1) A Survey of the Old Testament 2) How do we interpret the Word? 3) What is the purpose of the Scriptures?  4) Why is the Bible reliable?


B. Being A Disciple of Jesus

There are specific “treasures” of discipleship and leadership that, when embraced, can move us all to a place of greater fruitfulness. These sessions can seem “random” but they often result in some of the most significant moments for students. The goal is far more than learning or passing on knowledge. Instead, we will aim for impartation, seeking to live these principles (with the help of the Holy Spirit) in everyday life.


C. End Times and Eternity

The Scriptures are FULL of teaching and declarations about the end times and eternity. Through this course, not only will students end up with a better understanding of their Bibles, but they will learn to better prepare themselves for the days ahead. They will also gain confidence in discussing the end times with others.


D. Glory of God

The word “glory” is a word in the Scriptures that is often used to sum up who God is (i.e. worship Him in His glory). He is glorious! In this course, we will consistently declare the importance of both knowing about God and knowing Him. Also, we will seek to understand, meditate on and experience His attributes – His Mercy, His Love, His Sovereignty, His Goodness, etc. Guaranteed, if we fully enter into this, it will change us forever.


E. Confident Christianity

Many approach “apologetics” or defending our faith with either fear or boredom, and decide that it’s only for really smart people and deep thinkers! Through this course, we’ll look at a few challenging questions that both believers & unbelievers wrestle with regularly. The goal: to understand the value of apologetics, and to grow confidence in our own faith.


F. Developing A Life Of Prayer and Prophecy

This course will focus in on laying a strong foundation in our lives through sessions on Thriving on our Devotions, Hearing God and Prophecy. Emphasis will be placed on encouraging each student to pursue a vibrant two-way relationship with Jesus that will spill over into the lives of others.


G. Jesus’ Plan and Passion For The Church

In this course we will talk about the vital importance of the local church in the life of individual believers, in the expansion of God’s kingdom and for society. We will also very carefully consider the “ancient paths” that God uses in and through the church – i.e. repentance and emotional wholeness – currently and in church history. Jesus is building His church and this course will be a call for students to rise up and play their part.


H. Celebration of Discipline

Spiritual disciplines such as prayer, fasting, solitude, worship, etc. are necessary for anyone who desires to be a growing follower of Jesus. In this book study, we will start where students are at and seek to move forward together, keeping the ultimate goal in mind – to better love God and love others!

Thank you for your interest in School of Ministers!

Are you ready to embrace this opportunity to develop intimacy with Christ (REVIVE), grow in personal discipline & character (REFINE), and then with God's power and unique calling to minster in the church, this region and beyond (REACH OUT)? Is God calling you to our eighth year of School of Ministers?

To begin the application process, please read through the Information Package before you begin filling our the Application Form. The Information Package will help you get a bigger glimpse of School of Ministers and includes cost, schedule, requirements, covenant and more.