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"Through SOM I have grown in getting to know Jesus more closely. I see him totally differently now - as my Father, my Saviour and my teacher. I've developed this healthy fear of God and it's driving me to want to do things differently than I've done until now."


“Originally I did not want to come to School of Ministers because I had my own plans. It was through others that I came to a place where I wanted to apply and go through the program. As I prayed and asked God if it was the right time, He said no more than once! I came to a place where I surrendered all my plans to Jesus. After I did this, everything lined up for me to come to Steinbach from Brandon. He provided all that I needed in the transition. His plans are so much greater than ours!”


"It’s incredible that this is run right within a church. It gave me a clear picture of the potential of the local church."


“Through reading the Old Testament I have learned that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. I loved talking over the hard questions we had through the discussion time on the book we were studying.”


“SOM has changed my life. I used to think of myself as worthless. But since coming to school I have started making healthy relationships and seeing that people really like me. Jesus showed me He likes me. I realized it is OK to love myself, even if I am not perfect. What a huge freedom!”


“God brought me out of a destructive lifestyle and gave me a reason to live. He provided an awesome group of friends through SOM that I hope to continue to remain in contact with. Through His Spirit and these friends He has shown me that I am not alone in the battles I face.”


“Although God has not shown me exactly what I should be doing after School of Ministers, I feel at peace now, having learned to put my trust in Him.”


“I have been learning to embrace parenting as a calling given to me from God.”


“I have learned how important community is. At first I was “meeting the requirement” to go to church events, volunteering and attending a cell. Now I realize that those things have made church more enjoyable and I feel more welcome when I come. Now I go because I want to instead of something I am told I have to do.”


"My wife and I took it at the same time and it was amazing to grow in Jesus together."


“I love that there is room for us to ask questions on the things we are learning. I am learning to be curious and seek the Truth. As I ask questions, my hunger has increased for the Word.”


“Learning about God’s holiness has been the incredibly impacting. As we went through the media fast, my eyes were opened to living a life that is holy.”


"It developed a perseverance that I would need to be successful in university as a follower of Christ."


"The word I would use to describe my experience would be “Equipping”. Through the teaching, practicum and prayer sheets I was being given the tools to fill my tool belt. We not only learned about, but also practiced things like hearing God, fasting, worship, serving and meditating on scripture. With my personality I find that it is easy to know the right answers but never actually walk them out; here we were in an environment where we were walking it out together! One example is fasting: It is HARD to fast, but there is actually incredible strength and encouragement in corporate fasting, in doing it with others and spurring each other to keep going!"

Thank you for your interest in School of Ministers!

Are you ready to embrace this opportunity to develop intimacy with Christ (REVIVE), grow in personal discipline & character (REFINE), and then with God's power and unique calling to minster in the church, this region and beyond (REACH OUT)? Is God calling you to our eighth year of School of Ministers?

To begin the application process, please read through the Information Package before you begin filling our the Application Form. The Information Package will help you get a bigger glimpse of School of Ministers and includes cost, schedule, requirements, covenant and more.